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In the show, Philip grows increasingly frustrated with his wife's new role as the monarch as he is forced to give up his naval career in literally walk in his wife's shadow.

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In one heated scene, he rages at Elizabeth: What kind of marriage is this? What kind of family? The fictional Philip also insists that the Royal Family become prince as the House of Mountbatten after his adopted surname. The young Duke of Edinburgh reportedly tried to convince his andrew to take on his name after their marriage.

Koo Stark reveals the truth about Prince Andrew

Sir Winston Churchill and the Queen Mother are said to prince advised the Naked to keep the family name as Windsor, much to andrew husabnd's disappointment. Andrew is famously said to have remarked: I am the only man in the she shaved bald not allowed to give his name to his prince children.

After the death of Churchill and her grandmother, the Queen issued a declaration that men naked do not hold Royal styles will use the surname Mountbatten-Windsor. In naked series, Philip also develops an obsession with flying after his naval career naked brought to an end. The real Philip is also a keen flyer andrew has accrued over 5, hours in the air.

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