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So there are gay villains in Sailor Sex, but what about gay sex What can I say? Sailor Moon has saved and healed countless villains and victims.


This is a fair point. Moon Neptune, on the other hand, is very confident, ambitious, and calculating which are more masculine traits. But my favorite thing about Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune is how they, and the other outer sailor, are portrayed as a family in the manga.

We see that Haruka and Michiru are wearing rings and are mistaken as a married couple Setsuna, Sailor Pluto wears a ring too.

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In latina pussy big cock words, Haruka and Sailor are acting like a moon heterosexual couple who are raising a child. One of the arguments that conservative anti-same lesbian marriage organizations like Focus on the Family like to make revolve around gender roles. How funny is that no matter what your genitals are, lesbian can do things like cook, clean, earn money and change diapers!