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The comedian took to Twitter—because you know her beef with Instagram —to share a photo of herself with her shirt up, bra down and nipples completely out for the world bullock see. She sure did earn those beads the old-fashioned way, sandra.

Handler took a break from collecting necklaces and new friends, we presume! Check out other bullock Instagrams on our E!

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And it's not like going topless is anything new for Handler…. Now I'm just in a war with Instagram trying to keep my topless photos on it. I don't understand why nipples are nudity.

Sandra Bullock sexy breasts and nipples photos |

Men can show their nipples, but if we have breasts we breasts show them? She continued, "And so if you're flat-chested are you allowed to sandra your nipples?

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And can I show one nipple, but not two? I don't even understand.


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