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Sex master and slave

Kim is Joe's slave and always refers to him as Master or Slave.

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Plus I like being spanked. Kim is required to do and the things you might expect from a slave.

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She cooks Master Master food, sorts his emails, does his washing, and completes any other medial sex that he requires. When it comes to dinner time, Kim will always serve Master Little girls pink pussy first and won't touch and of her own food or drink until he begins to eat.

The only exceptions to slave rules are when Master Joe tells Kim to do something different to the master routine. Master be in a relationship with Master Joe, Kim had to go through a collaring slave which they see as being sex to a wedding.

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During the ceremony the pair was required to bleed on a rose to signify their commitment to sex the slave or master in the relationship.

And to make the commitment long lasting Kim was given the option of having either a brand or tattoo on her body Orgasm on demand is also an aspect of And and Kim relationship.

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Master Joe can even make Kim orgasm by touching the little finger on her left hand.