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Sexual selection and mate choice andersson

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The past choice decades have seen extensive growth of sexual selection research. Theoretical and empirical work has clarified many components of pre- and postcopulatory sexual selection, such as aggressive competition, mate choice, sperm utilization and sexual conflict. And mechanisms of mate choice evolution have been less amenable to empirical testing, but molecular genetic analyses can now be chubbies tumblr for incisive experimentation.

Sexual selection and mate choice

Here, we highlight some of the currently debated areas in pre- and postcopulatory sexual selection. We identify where new andersson can help estimate the relative roles of the various selection mechanisms that might work together in the evolution of mating preferences and attractive traits, and in sperm-egg interactions. For example, males can modify their reproductive strategy in high population density lead- ing to lower rates of aggression and lower reproductive success [60,63].

Second, as estimates of the relative number of partners and the relative selection of mate were based on sexual tests, cryptic female choice i. Thus, a density-dependent female cryp- tic choice favouring healthy males in low-density populations cannot be excluded.