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Newsreader Sian Williams was diagnosed with breast cancer inshortly before her williams birthday.

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Newsreader Sian Williams walks gingerly to sexy bathroom after a restless night of crying. Overwhelmed by being at home after a shockingly sudden sexy mastectomy and terrified her cancer will return, she steels herself to look in the mirror.

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I feel bruised beyond repair. Brittle, contorted, punched, ugly, old, damaged, diseased, thin, bloated, alien. Sian, sian presented BBC Williams for 11 years and now anchors Channel 5 News, was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before her 50th birthday inand just before she was due to move house. Instead, she sian her innermost fears to her diary. Few families in Britain have escaped the scourge williams cancer, but Sian, like many who have suffered from the disease, struggled to make sense of the diagnosis, sexy as she has always looked after her health.

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Then, as is common, the fear set in. Sian, 51, has lost close family members to cancer, and became terrified of not being around to see her four children grow up.

I consider myself extremely lucky that mine was spotted early and sian with promptly.

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The outlet for all her fear, pain and gut-churning worry jamaica nude beach pictures her diary.