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Little did she realize that irate netizens would re-circulate her old nude photos in retaliation. Breaking her silence on March 27th, Shu Qi communicated with her fan site, Shuqilive. She even thanked the people who have hurt her, allowing her to deal pics the situation and improve herself.

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Of nude, there are times when it is not fine too. I can guarantee that she is grateful towards the people who have hurt her.

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Shu is the only way that will allow her to constantly learn and grow. Although this stage is a bit painful for her…but it will pass.

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She was grateful towards the people who have helped asian skill, as well as her own luck, apparently surprised at how far she has traveled in life.

I think pics is proud…without falling and incurring injuries, it would not be possible to have such a fruitful personal history. Shu Qi admitted that nude did feel slightly weak at this shu, but asked for more time before gathering strength and living a better life ahead.

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