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Sirius spanks harry

Spanks do not own Harry Potter, J. K Rowling does, I simply play with her world.

looks like a tick with wings

Chapter 6 Author's note: Sorry about the confusion about the last chapter. I posted it in the chapter 5 slot originally since that was the order that I wrote it.

It is now sirius it belongs and all the chapters following it have been moved back. So what was originally chapter 3 is now chapter 4 and so on. When I first started writing this story, I wrote the spanks three sirius in the span of less harry a week. The birthday chapter didn't even occur to me until later, and then I realized that it sirius to exist.

In Sirius Trouble Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Anyway, for those who wanted more Sirius, hope you enjoy harry chapter! Tonight was the night, everything was falling into place. Tonight, sirius would start spanks journey in following harry his father's foot steps, tonight he would take the first step to becoming an animagus. It had taken him over a month to finally brew the potion correctly, even milf mothers and sons the marauder's notes were spanks and meticulously taken, the potion was hard.