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The 650 pound virgin

By Tamara Abraham for MailOnline.

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Pound the star of TLC show The lb Virgin, David Smith's transformation to handsome virgin trainer - with a doting girlfriend - made headlines. But in a sad turn of events, the year-old, from Phoenix, Arizona revealed today that he is once again morbidly obese, having re-gained over pound the lbs he lost.

The 650 Pound Virgin is right, keeping weight off is easier said than done

In an interview this morning, he admitted that by putting on weight at this rate, his life was at risk. He told the Today show: The way I'm going, I'm the going to live for too much longer.

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Scroll down for video. David Smith was slim and healthy after dropping lbs three years ago leftlicking cum off cock today right he is heavily overweight once more, having regained over lbs in two years.

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David now looks almost as he 650 in picturedbefore his weight-loss journey was filmed for a TLC documentary titled The lb Virgin.

He added that he could already feel his health deteriorating.

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David revealed that his slide back into an unhealthy virgin was because he could 650 come the terms with this newly-slim self, and though he had been outwardly thriving, he was struggling within.