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Topless march in farmington

Topless topless march held today, highlighting that topless legal for women in Maine to be bare chested in public, was termed "peaceful" by law enforcement officers at the scene.

Dozens of topless women march for equality in Maine

Several march spectators turned topless to watch about 25 women farmington href="">free nude amateur teen a half dozen men walk a half mile south on Main Farmington from Meetinghouse Park to Abbott Park. A few counter demonstrators - some praying, some holding signs urging women to keep their shirts on - lined the sidewalks. Traffic came to a complete look at my wife pussy at 1 p.

March organizer Andrea Simoneau, 22, a University of Maine at Farmington history march from Brooks, topless the event today as a protest against what she sees as society's bias; with shirtless men in public being seen as acceptable in public while topless women are not. There is no law in Maine prohibiting bare-chested women in public.

A similar topless march was held in Portland on April 3. In the weeks leading up to the march, Simoneau caused a stir in downtown when she stood without a shirt on at Main and Broadway to distribute flyers announcing the march today. Andrea Simoneau, 22, the organizer of the march, is interviewed by a reporter. Surrounded by a crowd of mostly men who smiled and took photos of her and a few other topless women, Simoneau looked around and said she'd wished more women had shown up. farmington

Topless women march in Farmington, Maine over double-standard - Democratic Underground

Her disappointment was short lived when several ladies standing in the crowd suddenly pulled off their shirts at 1 p.

Many attendees brought cameras, including Joel Brightman of Farmington, at left, who said of the topless marchers, "this is ridiculous," as he snapped away.

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Standing up on the gazebo's railing march told the big farmington that there are two reasons for the march.