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True brahmin sex stories

"Brahmin guys are not love/marriage material", Says Brahmin girl | Rising Sun

I get a lot of true sometimes in the form demands and threats to close down this Blog. Let me make it very clear to all my readers.

her first lesbian love

Please understand that I am responsible only for the original post above these lines. My original response to the girl had very little to do with the religion. No brahmin needs you sex any of your likes to defend itself.

So, instead half life 2 nude mod self proclaiming yourself as the sole savior of a religion, Go out and get a life.

One more step

Sorry for being harsh here. I stories just sick and tired of idiotic morons spamming me with silly threats. Recently Dilip had posted a very interesting post Chennai Metblogs on the subject of castes and religion. It evoked a wide variety of responses from readers.

Coming Out : A South Indian Brahmin Speaks… - Gaysi

One particular was interesting …. Am posting it here with my comments inline. I really thought that was supposed to be good thing.