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Vaginal rejuvenation in colorado springs colorado

Feminine rejuvenation can address both the internal and external tissues of the vaginal areas.

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Treatments can be for both functional and aesthetic improvements and can restore your rejuvenation well-being. Treatment can help for many issues, including excess skin, laxity springs vaginal tissues, stress urinary incontinence, orgasmic dysfunction and post-menopausal problems such as dryness and painful intercourse.

Our patients have been happy with the results of their procedure and argue that Dr.


Slenkovich's results are the best colorado labiaplasty Denver has to offer. ThermiVa treatments are designed to tighten the vaginal tissues by triggering natural collagen production. The procedure is performed in-office and is a non-surgical option for addressing feminine wellness after childbirth and the natural aging process.

Treatment can address stress urinary incontinence including leakage from coughing, sneezing, or exerciseorgasmic dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and laxity of muscles and skin tissue. ThermiVa gently heats the tissues and works for both the internal and external vaginal areas and vaginal no discomfort or downtime.

If you're looking to undergo vaginal rejuvenation in Fashion models sexThermiVa is a great non-invasive alternative.

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Visit our ThermiVa treatment page to learn more about the procedure and how it is performed, along with answers to other FAQs. We also encourage you to read about the patient experience through the testimony of one of our patients with her RealSelf Journal. The O-Shot is an injection that rejuvenates vaginal tissues colorado heightened sexual pleasure and sensitivity.

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Women may experience problems with vaginal health after having children, going through menopause, or from certain medical conditions, or as a side effect of certain medications.