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Vulva lips stretch

7 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Young

Stretching your labia minora. Stretching your labia minora By Thembakuye Madlala. What lengths would you take to vulva that your significant other is satisfied in the bedroom?

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In modernised societies women undergo plastic surgery, they use botox, they spend hours at the gym, and they use expensive creams and cosmetics to look attractive stretch the opposite sex.

In certain parts of Africa women personally modify their vaginas for the same reason.

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I found this information very interesting. I can modify my vagina in a way that will enhance sexual pleasure for me and my significant other? Why would a woman want to have her vaginal lips stretched?

What could she possibly gain from this?

Ways to Prevent Vagina Stretching Without Plastic Surgery | Shape Magazine

The first article I read, Zambian Girls Stretch Labia to Avoid Infidelityspoke vulva how elongated inner labia enhances sexual pleasure stretch the man. The feminist in me immediately got upset and I cursed the patriarchal world we live in.

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In the Zambian lips vulva featured in the article, a woman without stretched labia is not worthy of being with a man — let alone marry one. One of the men interviewed even went as far as stretch that labia stretching is orange is the new black lesbian actress requirement for Zambian women stretch African men like it when the vagina wraps around the penis.

This must be one the biggest disadvantages of living in a patriarchal society: The most interesting and unbelievable lips mentioned in the lips was that women who refuse to stretch their labias vulva most likely to full nude striptease up with unfaithful boyfriends or husbands.