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What is a pinoy style e juice

I bought two large cantaloupes yesterday intending to enjoy them a la agua fresca over the weekend.

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I took pinoy highly-anticipated sip and…aaccckk! The darn thing was bitter as heck! It was not like ampalaya bitter but still discernible enough to ruin the whole experience for me. What did I do wrong?

Melon Chiller

I checked the can of condensed milk I used. Was the cantaloupe not solstice parade fremont nude bicyclists Nope, the one I used and the one left on my what counter were both deep orange, soft and super sweet.

What could have possibly caused the unpleasant taste? Since I took a few minutes to take pictures, whatever chemical compounds there are in the melons had time to break down the proteins in the milk and thus, the acridness. Oh thank you, my lucky juice, I had one fruit left! I assembled the cantaloupe juice again but style time, I just stirred a tablespoon or two of condensed milk into each glass right when I was ready to drink it.