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Choosing the Different Designs for a Greenhouse

One of the things that can be quite rewarding is greenhouse gardening. A lot of people shy away from greenhouses by assuming that someone needs to be an expert for them to love the greenhouse gardening. For others, they assume that someone ought to have a lot of money to make this possible. However, it is possible for anyone to set up a custom greenhouse with just some basic knowledge and it is possible to use the basic knowledge for any sort of greenhouse regardless of the size. However, given the very many types of greenhouses that are coming up all over, you must understand the different designs and styles which are available for you to choose from.

Traditional Greenhouse.
This is also known as the Victorian greenhouse and as you can guess from the name, it has been in the use for very many years. It is usually built in a way that resembles a house, is a free-standing structure, and contains a sloping roof. In the past, it could have been built with the use of cast iron and then the covering would have been used for the covering. Nevertheless, currently, the modern ones are constructed from aluminum or wood, with PVC sheeting or glass used to cover it.

Lean-to Greenhouse.
This is sometimes referred to as a half greenhouse. The reason is that it is constructed against an existing wall. Also, it comes with a sloping roof gently away from the building. It, therefore, creates an impression that it is a half greenhouse. If your space is limited, this is the ideal greenhouse even though the transparent sides are only three.

Hoop Greenhouse.
This is one of the commonest designs which have come about in the last few years. In the past, they were only seen on large scale farms. However, given the ease of building and the low cost, they have increased in popularity. They come with a hoop that is made of a row of flexible pipes that function as ribs. When they have been secured at either side, they provide an arch shape. The polyethylene sheet is then used for the coverage of the ribs. You can choose to add more hoops for the increment in the size if need be. It is a style that has been affordable and effective.

Cold Frame Greenhouse
These are usually boxes or raised bed structures which are covered with the use of some transparent roof. It is possible to use these smaller greenhouses as extensions to your main greenhouse or even use it as a single project. These greenhouses are simple to construct and are quite affordable.

Mini Greenhouses
They vary greatly in their sizes. With these greenhouses, you can cover a single plant or even houses plenty of them.

When it comes to greenhouses, it all comes down to your choice. You need to decide the kind of greenhouse that you would want. However, with the right company, it is also possible to have a custom greenhouse that is tailored to your needs.

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