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A who and video celebration of history's coolest kids, everything from beatniks to bikers, mods to rude boys, hippies to ravers. And everything in between. If mick found a poster, video, or photo essay of people from the past looking fantastic, here's the place to share it. Spam, racist, homophobic, sexist and offensive comments, as well as brigading, consistent reposting and shitposting, will result in a lifetime ban.

The Rolling Stones Posters

Offensive comments include anything about pimping, about people's moms and scoring women. Nobody cares about your sexual impulses, least of all the OP. All posts highlighting, in the title, that someone has the passed away or titles trying to evoke sympathy upvotes will be deleted.

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Please add the info in the comments. All reposts less than six months old and all reposts less than a year old from Top will be removed. We reserve the right to remove any post that doesn't showcase historical coolness. This includes photos, which are not obviously retro and portraits of famous young women doing nothing but posing. If they can swear in the 70's, you can swear jagger years later on fuck box where you get your porn and reruns of Rick and Morty.

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