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Womens sex toy catalogues

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In partnership with Womanizer. T he beginnings of the female nude in bed sex toy are interesting indeed.

Once the sexual revolution of the later part of the century began unfolding and more and more women started realizing they, like men, could indeed feel toy pleasure, sex toys went from secret to womens mainstream.

A Brief History of Sex Toys and Their Effect on Female Sexuality

Unlike classic vibrators think: The Rabbit from Sex And The City fame, or the much heralded Hitachi wandthis ergonomically sex tool looks more like a tech accessory than a sex toy. We have 5 on each hand.

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But, all jokes aside, I think people from catalogues far back as you can imagine have been trying to improve upon what we were given. If there was hieroglyphic porn, there were definitely early sex toys. We got into GlamourToyand O Magazineand that made it approachable.

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The team in Germany is really good catalogues making improvements. A lot been done in making womens more aesthetically pleasing and more minimal. We are constantly getting better.

Sex Toys Shop You Can Trust

According to Rossi, working as a sex expert and brand ambassador has been rewarding, mostly because of the reaction she gets from customers.

In terms of public relations and promotion, Rossi says the company has been working on social media promotions displayed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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I think sex was more mainstream than people were once willing to talk about.