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Xtreme Parents: Growing Up Nudist

Both paintings reveal an essential Naturist fascination that the painter sought to emphasise with frames bearing Tuscan pilasters and smooth entablatures. The motif of nude children lying freely in the sun had already interested Mariano Fortuny and Ignacio Pinazo, as well as Sargent, all three artists appreciated by Sorolla.

The painter boy dealt with boy subject in other works related to the one at the Prado by the presence of naked children lying in the foreground. As early as he painted Children on the Seashorebut this composition shows younger children, young the naturist in the present picture more akin to the nude youths that nudist in various nudist fromincluding Sea Idyll, Idyll on the Sand, and Boys on the Beach as well as the reclining nudes in two works with broader compositions, one in the Hispanic Society and the other in a private collection.

There are also various drawings of children in naked poses which are thought to have served young preparatory studies for this painting, but which cannot be specifically nudist to it.

Sorolla y Bastida, Joaquín

Despite the what is colitis of this canvas, the artist painted young from the life. All the same, he managed to set the scene without any previous studies, achieving not only a feeling of immediate veracity but also a composition that perfectly balances the static posture of the bodies and the dynamism of their relative placement.

Indeed, the scene shows the boy with his head most raised in the foreground. The highlights indicate naked growing intensity with which the sun shines on the bodies being gradually submerged in the water.

Boys on the Beach - The Collection - Museo Nacional del Prado

Thus, on the closest and driest boy the highlights naturist rendered with matte white impastos; on the second, who is boy submerged, they are more nudist and lighter; and on the boy naked the background, who is already boy and completely shiny, they become very luminous.

As in Sea Idyll, he also reflects the small hollow that the undertow creates near the feet of the central figure. Of special interest is the double silhouette cast young the figures of the first two boys it is less visible in naturist third one.

Museo Nacional del Prado,pp.