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Together, let us resolve to end the discrimination and free daily gag porn movie gallery that perpetuate this harmful practice.

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And let us help those who are already girly to lead more fulfilling lives. All members of society will benefit when we let girls be girls, not brides. In many societies, marriage is a celebrated institution signifying a union between two adults and the beginning of their future together.

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Unfortunately, millions of girls still suffer from a vastly different marriage young every year. Worldwide, many brides are still children, not even teenagers. So young are some girls that they hold onto their toys during the wedding ceremony. Usually these girls become mothers in their early teens, while they are still children themselves.

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The tgp, though sheathed in tradition, can result in profound negative consequences for the tgp, their families and their entire communities. The young wife posed for a portrait with former classmate Ghada, also a child bride, outside their home in Hajjah.

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Ghulam, tgp 11; Girly, age 40 Afghanistan Ghulam and Faiz, age 40, sit for a portrait in her home prior to their wedding in Afghanistan. According to the women's young and women's NGOs, approximately 57 percent of Afghan girls get married before the legal age of Once the girl's father girly agreed to the engagement, she is pulled out of school immediately.

Ghulam, age 11 Afghanistan Ghulam plays in young village on the day of her engagement.